Ask Octav – What is a Torsion Bit?

Ask Octav – What is a Torsion Bit?

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Paul from Canada asked “What is a torsion bit and how are they different than standard screwdriver bits?”


Thanks for the question Paul. A “Torsion Bit” is a type of impact driver insert bit that features a torsion zone, designed to absorb high torque stress and reduce bit fracture. The torsion zone is the narrow waste of the bit that is manufactured from tempered spring steel to provide stress relief under the extreme torque of an impact driver. Modern hammer drills can produce 1200 ft-lbs. of Torque so as drivers have become more and more powerful, the bits had to evolve too.

Norske Tools Impact Torsion Bits use a propriety modified-S2 steel alloy. S Grade steel alloys are classified as “shock-resistant” and are ideal for torsion bits because of their high impact toughness and low abrasion resistance.

Two important attributes of an Impact Torsion Bit are breaking angle and time to breaking point. The breaking angle is the amount of degrees that a torsion bit can flex under extreme stress before breaking. The time to breaking point is the amount of time a bit can withstand the maximum torque of an impact driver before it reaches its breaking angle.