Our ‘Trade Credit’ system is simple. Return ANY used blade and SAVE on a BRAND-NEW Trade-a-Blade™. Returned blades are melted down and recycled by a local steel recycler with all proceeds going to charity.

The Trade-a-Blade™ system rewards users by providing instant savings to returning customers. Every Trade-a-Blade™ product has a ‘Trade Credit’ of $2, $4, $8, or $12 that can be applied to a future Trade-a-Blade™ purchase from any of our participating dealers. This is an easy way for consumers to save money and for retailers to build loyalty.

Our four-credit trade system is easy for dealers to administer and has been a proven loyalty program for retailers for decades. Trade-a-Blade™ introduced its unique trade system in 1972, making it the original trade system in the Power Tool Accessories Industry. For the last 40 years, Trade-a-Blade™ has endeavored to divert power tool accessories from landfills and help retailers foster loyalty. We hope you will join us on our mission to support local hardware stores while building a better future.